maxim writer speaks! crowes' feathers remain ruffled...
    • MONDAY, MARCH 03, 2008

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    For those of you keeping tabs on the ever developing Maxim review scandal, we’ve got one saucy little update for you. But before we launch into all the details, let’s give those just joining us a chance to catch up. Last week a press release rolled in concerning a review of the new Black Crowes album Warpaint that appeared in cheeky, dorm room staple, Maxim Magazine; an interesting phenomenon considering the band had yet to send out advance copies of any kind. Yet here was Maxim, in fresh, bold faced type proclaiming, “(Warpaint) hasn’t left Chris Robinson and the gang much room for growth.” Aye Aye Aye! Explanation? Apparently this was an “educated guess preview”…complete with a two and a half star rating.

    How does a writer review an album without hearing it? While Maxim refuses to comment, David Peisner, the free-lance journalist who penned the review, is apparently not too fond of having his good name dumped on. Issuing a statement with the LA Times, Peisner offered this explanation: “I'm a freelance writer. I was assigned to write previews of the Black Crowes and Nas albums. I did that. When the issue came out, the previews were laid out as reviews complete with star ratings. I never at any point or to anyone claimed to have heard these albums in their entirety. Whatever decisions Maxim made after I turned in my work were beyond my control.”

    Alright…Homedude was given an assignment, and he took his best shot. Fair enough, right? Not so fast. Seems the Crowes’ camp remains rather ruffled over the matter. From the band’s manager, Pete Angelus: “There’s no accountability for Dave Peisner, Editor James Kaminsky or Maxim magazine. They issued a partial apology to their readership, but no apology directly to the artist whose work they denigrated without having heard more than one song, while attempting to pass it off as an album review. I think Peisner’s claim is absurd. He wrote a review of music that he never heard, he disparaged both the band and the material. He said, ‘It hasn’t left Chris Robinson and the gang much room for growth,’ and yet now he’s going to attempt to pass off his actions on Maxim? Absurd.”

    Maxim continues to hold out on offering any kind of statement cocnerning the review. But if, in the event they do, we’ll continue to keep you up to date. – David Pitz

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