The Perfect Reunion With Langhorne Slim At City Winery
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2018

    • Posted by: Inbal Lavotshkin

    Tuesday night at City Winery… an evening I won't soon forget. Nashville singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim's music evokes that feeling of running into an old friend that you instantly vibe with upon reconnecting. And City Winery, mixed with its fine foods and beverage selection, makes for the perfect reunion.

    The venue provides an intimate setting, perfectly suited for an acoustic guitarist, for that third date, or for the group of friends taking a night out on the town. The staff is attentive, the wine selection stellar, and as an added treat, you can taste some Langhorne Slim-labeled wine with the artist's autograph. The décor does not betray the functionality of the winery - punctuated with barrels of wine, glass walls, large wooden columns and beams.

    Langhorne Slim kicked off the evening recounting a relatable memory of himself on stage during his Bar Mitzvah as an awkward youth. He mentioned memories of forgetting lines and fumbling ceremonial lyrics. Langhorne has a way of drawing in his crowd and immediately creating a connection with his stories that serve as the perfect segway into his songs.

    He introduced his track "Colette" - a crowd favorite with an absolutely charming story inspired by his crush, and ultimate rejection by a bartender at one of his gigs. The vibrant folky melodies mixed with romantic lyrics makes you wish the song matched the true tale, and that Colette was somewhere in the crowd cheering him on.

    "The Way We Move" had the crowd bouncing in their seats and on their feet. Langhorne encouraged everyone to feel free to let loose. There was singing, clapping, dancing and even an impromptu on-stage duet with a fan.

    Even if you've seen Langhorne Slim live a billion times, he still manages to impress each and every time. His personable stories and raw musical talent make for an unforgettable performance.

    Langhorne Slim, "your spell has been cast."

    Watch our concert with Langhorne Slim at The Guest Apartment:

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