Head To The Islands With GIVERS' Latest Video
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    GIVERS have released quite the colorful and cinematic video for the song "Bermuda" today. This track delves into some heavy electronic sounds compared to the band's usual direction, and has been released on "New Kingdom," the group's momentous and innovative sophomore album.

    There's wild clashes of color between the natural hues of a sunset backdrop in the tropics and drowning scenes in which pink neon permeates and lights up the water in some really crazy ways. It's a bizarre performance to watch and definitely adds to the riveting sounds of the track itself.

    With most of the video played out in slow motion, there's an eerie feel complementing the harrowing synth-fueled melodies that are propelled by crazy tribal drums and a widely jumpy and percussive mix that certainly treads into experimental territory for the synth poppers, much more electronically-oriented than the bulk of their work, though they totally own it. The sounds they implement, their incredibly crisp and harrowing productive quality, and the wild choral effects on the vocals blend seamlessly into a presence that is beyond all doubt very sleek and flawlessly assembled.

    The video itself is a great visualizer for the barrage of choral vocals, wall of synths, and pummeling tom beats, as Tiffany Lamson's eerie dance performance, half of which is done with her eyes rolled into the back of her head, adds character to the soulful and sound-possessed sort of tone she embodies. The cryptic narrative, full of danceable cut scenes, has some well-filmed dramatic elements, that are disarming and fun, intensifying along with the wobbly groove of the music.

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