Frightened Rabbit Reach New Heights On Colbert
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Stephen Colbert opened up The Late Show to host the Scottish rock quintet Frightened Rabbit, and with just one song, "Get Out," they rocked the studio with an absolutely immersive and earth-shaking tone with some seriously pristine live quality.

    They're certainly an interesting band to watch in action; two of their guitarists are constantly switching between the strings and synths, constantly adjusting and messing around with crazy, swiveling tones that inject psychedelia into the mix as brooding verses soar into some heavy and catchy choruses.

    The knack that all of the band's members have for multi-tasking and switching instruments showcases where their versatile sound comes from (each member has more than one role, either with vocals or a second instrument as a secondary sound throughout each song). It's no wonder that they're able to delve into the orchestral, the electronic, and powerful rock choruses all within a single track.

    This moment of triumph on The Late Show, with a sound loud enough to fill a space exponentially larger than the studio, is sure to springboard the group's latest work, Portrait of a Panic Attack, to the massive proportion that the other surging and pummeling pre-released tracks on the album demand.

    And be sure to watch our killer session with the band below.

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