Baeble First Play: The 'Digital' Pop Turbulence of It Takes A Village
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    One of the trends I've started to notice this year is pop/rock music that explicitly engages with what it was like to grow up in the digital era. And I don't mean vague allusions to Snapchat or Instagram. I mean tracks that straight up tackle the thematic ambiguities of what it means to grow up in the constant eyes of your peers at every moment in the social media age. And LA alternative pop act It Takes A Village are the latest act to give their take on that question.

    We've got the exclusive premiere of their video for "Children of the Digital," and if you've ever wanted a combination of an examination of life in the digital age with a neo-hippy aesthetic running wild in the desert, It Takes A Village have you covered. And it's paired with a fun story from the band's lead singer below.

    "There was a crazy moment during the shoot when all of us realized our phones didn't work We were out in the cold, dark wilderness, it was pitch black and no sign of human life for miles. We were searching for the perfect spot to shoot and lost each other in the dark so we all just started howling like wolves followed by uncontrolled laughter! It was like we were the children of the digital being freed, if not just for the moment" - Coco

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