Vampire Weekend Performs 3 Songs On QTV
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Canada's finally getting rewarded for being such a cordial nation. Earlier this week, QTV featured Phoenix's first live performance of "Entertainment", and now they have a video of Vampire Weekend performing three songs from their highly anticipated LP, Modern Vampires In The City. The two hour-long videos below feature the performances of "Diane Young", "Unbelievers", and "Ya Hey", which is followed by a nice, lengthy interview with the band. The second video also features an interview with Dr. Tobias Funke, aka David Cross, for my fellow Bluth fans.

    "Diane Young" - 6:20

    "Unbelievers" - 19:09
    "Ya Hey" - 43:34

    Modern Vampires In The City is available May 7th.

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