Out and About: Cloud Nothings
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    The fluffy stage backdrop of Glasslands looks like clouds, especially when back-lit, it's an almost angelic scene. That fluffy dressing looked intentional last night, for two forgettable openers and one unforgettable main event (conveniently named after clouds) deep in the far corner of Williamsburg. Cloud Nothings took the stage and never gave it back, claiming our attention with fast-paced grime-infused rock that seemed to speed along with the horsepower of a pickup truck (and often felt like getting hit by one).

    The vibe was correct. Even the critical presence of Ryan Schreiber in one of the lofted areas couldn't distract from Cloud Nothings tearing our eardrums a new asshole. The band ripped through cuts from their Steve Albini-produced Attack On Memory like tissue paper (and from the looks of it, ripped a few bong hits before taking the stage). Glasslands is still a bit ramshackle inside, but with that edge-of-industry charm that gives the whole space a tint of isolation and uniqueness, which is about as perfect a setting for Cloud Nothings as you can get.

    The venue recently put in new sound equipment (or so we were told, pre-show) so the audio was way tighter than usual. As the band rummaged through cries of "I thought I would be more than this," we couldn't help thinking that in reality, they shouldn't really want to be anywhere else besides a tiny, dimly lit space on Kent Ave.

    Attack On Memory is out now.

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