what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

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    A derivative work from an unlikely sector (let's just say it involves a Jewish wedding), big news about the "cloud", and another artist is the victim of some sticky bandits. Shake off those Monday morning doldrums with a strong cup of Baeble, or something!

    • More Lady Gaga covers from the orthodox. Crank it. Let's just say that "Kosher Face" has spawned a new genre of Jewish Gaga spins. Shaya and Perry stomp the bottle IN STYLE. This is your new alarm clock ring.

    • Spotify is set to debut in the US in the fall. While not really news about an artist, it is big news for the music consumer... the "cloud", the idea that your music might sit on a satellite somewhere in lieu of on a hard drive (for open access from any internet capable device) just came one step closer to being the norm. Spotify is already a successful model in Europe. More from The Daily Swarm.

    • Toro Y Moi was robbed in Brooklyn. He lost some gear and his passport, which forced a cancellation of a few shows. Damn haterz. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

    Good vibes for this week. Go play the lotto. -joe

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