2 Chainz is Two Months Early for Mothers' Day in New Video
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    I never would have thought the phrase "momma ain't raise no hoe" would elicit so much emotion in me, but watching 2 Chainz rap with said momma did get me a little teary-eyed. In a video released today for the song "Proud" off his new EP The Play Don't Care Who Makes It, 2 Chainz, YG, and Offset party with their mommas and look fly as hell while doing it. Basically, watching middle-aged moms pimped out in chains and tracksuits lip-syncing "my momma ain't no hoe" is pretty much the best thing ever.

    If your Wednesday morning is gettin' you down, just hit play on this video to watch Offset smoke in a Mercedes with his mother and YG's mom wearing a grill. It's pretty much the greatest show of parental affection you've ever seen. Remember to tell your parents you love them, kids. And that they ain't no hoe.

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