GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Producer Astronomyy Blends Genres with His Shell Pink Fender Jazzmaster
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Worcestershire-based artist Astronomyy is a new electronic producer on the scene, but he's already racking up some major points. He has reached over 5 million streams on Spotify, received a ton of critical acclaim, and co-wrote and co-produced MNEK & Zara Larsson's international hit, "Never Forget You." Now, he has just released his new EP Rest In Paradise on his own label Lunar Surf and it explores several different genres, blending together R&B, pop, indie, and surf rock. After catching our eye with his unique merging of genres and production style, we thought we'd ask about his favorite piece of gear, and unsurprisingly, he answered with his shell pink Fender Jazzmaster.

    "My friend gave it to me, we did a guitar swap because we were bored of our guitars. It's like that German word... I think it's Spiel zeug - its the feeling that it's just right, and I naturally pick up that guitar at the moment. I think that it really works with my sound, it's like a trashy guitar sound that is desirable. It's a surf guitar that was designed in the 60's (this one isn't original). It was used by west coast 60's guitar players to create a surf rock sound. I like the aestehtic of surf music. In that way I think that my music a bit of a collage, I can use hip hop beats with washed up surf guitar (like I have done in my EP Rest in Paradise)."

    Astronomyy continued, "It's basically a piece of wood. I like the colour of it, like the way it looks and the way it feels. I don't use it live, just in the studio. The guitar that I use live has a shorter profile neck, so it's more comfortable live."

    But how does he get that reverb-drenched sound we hear so much throughout the EP? "I use guitar pedals with it - like the JHK twin twelve pedal. It's a nice drive so you get a distortion in the speakers. I also use the electro harmonic holy grail, that is the washed out reverb sound that I use on all of my tracks. I used that on every track in Rest In Paradise. It's really distant and atmospheric guitar sound."

    Check out a photo of the guitar as well as Astronomyy's Rest In Paradise EP below:

    dusty pink

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