8 Artists That Every Lady Gaga Fan Will Love
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Today, Lady Gaga turns 31-years-old. And we may or may not be spending today listening to her discography on repeat to celebrate Mother Monster's big day.

    There are endless reasons why we love the pop queen who hails from New York City. Aside from the fact she's a vocal powerhouse with an endless amount of pop hits, she's empowering, unafraid to be who she is, and her outlandish fashion sense keeps us on our toes. Gaga encourages everyone to embrace their own unique individuality and she's written countless anthems for diversity everywhere. So, here's to you, Gaga.

    We've compiled a list of artists that are similar to Lady Gaga, since you might need this after you play her music to the ground today.

    8. LOLO.

    LOLO channels more of a Joanne vibe with her born and bred Tennessee vocals that blend soul and pop. LOLO's 2016 album, In Loving Memory Of When I Gave a Shit has moments where the 29-year-old singer's voice actually sounds like Gaga.

    7. Carly Rae Jepsen.

    If everyone can forget about Carly Rae's incredibly infectious tune "Call Me Maybe" for a second and give 2015's Emotion a chance, you'll really get to hear the pop singer's vocals in the spotlight.

    6. Cloves.

    This is for those of you that live for the stripped-back version of Gaga who shows off her impressive vocal range. The 20-year-old Australian singer has so much emotion and control behind her vocals that you'd think she's been doing this forever.

    Also, check out our interview with Cloves, here.

    5. Dua Lipa.

    This 21-year-old Kosovan-British vocalist shares management with Lana Del Rey and categorizes her musical style as dark pop. Lipa's sugary pop track, "Be The One," just screams Lady Gaga. I'm pretty sure that should be enough to be totally intrigued by Dua Lipa.

    4. Tove Lo.

    Tove Lo has the vocals, the grungy electro-pop sound, and the give no f*cks attitude that reminds us of Lady Gaga. She blends 80s pop with her raw, honest vocals, like in her hits, "Habits (Stay High)" and "Talking Body."

    3. Anne-Marie.

    This British singer-songwriter was always destined to be a performer. She appeared in two West End productions - Les Miserables, when she was six, and Whistle Down The Wind, at 12-years-old. Gaga originally started out in theatre, performing in high school plays and studying theatre at NYUs Tisch School Of Arts. Theres no denying Anne-Marie has commanding depth to her voice and there's some serious Gaga feels when you hear it.

    2. Charli XCX.

    Like the Gaga we all know and love, Charli XCX has that catchy, upbeat, pop sound with the powerhouse vocals to match. Charli XCX isn't afraid to be herself and she may be petite, but Charli XCX is full of sass.

    1. Marina and the Diamonds.

    Self-described as an "indie artist with pop goals," Marina and the Diamonds (real name Marina Lambrini Diamandis) doesn't consider herself as only a pop artist. Marina has an "I am who I am" attitude with a colorful, cartoonish style to go with it.

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