10 Songs to Add to Your Party Playlist
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Whether you're going out to the club with your boy toy or having a slumber party with your gal pals, there's all one thing we need to complete a solid Friday night: good music. You need songs that will get you pumped up, songs that when you hear those first chords, you and your friends scream "OH SHIT!!!" in unison. We've picked out 10 songs that are sure to do that - because how could you not get down to Chance The Rapper or Flo Rida? What's a party without a little "Cake"?

    1. "No Problem" - Chance The Rapper
    2. "Castle On The Hill" - Ed Sheeran
    3. "Good As Hell" - Lizzo
    4. "iSpy" - Kyle
    5. "House Party" - Sam Hunt
    6. "All Night" - The Vamps
    7. "Starboy" - The Weeknd
    8. "Just Hold On" - Steve Aoki
    9. "Cake" - Flo Rida
    10. "September" - Earth, Wind, & Fire

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