Jeff Buckley Takes Our Breath Away
    • MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    One of my favorite songs of this year is a cover of a track that's fifty years old by an artist that's been dead for 19 years. Jeff Buckley's estate has released, You and I, a previously unreleased collection of studio recordings of some of Buckley's most beloved live covers, and the cream of the bunch is a breathtaking and lush spin on Bob Dylan's iconic track, "Just Like A Woman." I'm one of the biggest Bob Dylan fans you'll ever meet and when I say I might prefer this version of the song to the original, I'm being 100% sincere. I could feel my chest start to tighten due to the pained vulnerability Buckley displays vocally on the track (which is to say little of its ornate arrangement).

    Buckley's estate has also released an interactive video for "Just Like A Woman" that allows you to tell a story of a man, a woman, or the man and the woman as a couple with some cute, pastel animations. There are a staggering number of iterations of how the story can play out (something in the range of 51 zeroes according to the video's creators which is...a lot for those who aren't inclined towards mathematics). But, mostly, I'll take any excuse to return to this track which is easily the most beautiful thing we've heard this year.

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