Future And The Weeknd Continue To Cement Their Place At The Top
    • MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    As much as we love Kendrick Lamar here in the Baeble offices and are increasingly willing to crown him one of the greatest of all time (not just in hip-hop but in music period), we've got to address one honest to god truth. The new commercial king of hip-hop ain't Kendrick. It's Future.

    Future has had not one, not two, but THREE consecutive #1 albums on the Billboard charts. He only has five records. Let's just say this kid has got something. And although trap isn't particularly my scene in hip-hop, that's a personal thing and not remotely a testament to how much Future has come to dominate his scene and bring back A-Town hip-hop bigger than anybody since Outkast (and it's not particularly surprising considering that Future started out as a Dungeon Family associate).

    Future just dropped a video for "Low Life," one of the hottest singles off of his fifth record, EVOL, and it features arguably the hottest star working in R&B/pop at the moment, the Weeknd. I've written before about how the Weeknd's turn into commercial pop music was a disappointment for folks who knew him from his initial, drugged out R&B on his first record. And it seems we only get glimpses of that Weeknd when he guests on other people's tunes. And it's nice to see more of that on "Low Life."

    The video for "Low Life" is pretty basic (the two of them performing the track and looking fly) but considering the fact that Future has the entire world at his feet right now, I'm not sure that he needs to do much more.

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