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    • FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2008

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    Boisterous, brash, and bratty might sound like characteristics best used to describe foul-mouthed punks and the “ready, steady, go” rush of guitars and drums they embrace. But as Los Campesinos!’ debut album Hold on Now, Youngster… (Arts and Crafts) affirms, such aforementioned adjectives are hardly limited to rock and roll’s pissiest of genres. No, this crew of Cardiff kiddos (who all sport the mythical surname of Campesinos) flip classic punk cynicism on its’ head instead, fashioning something a little more pure in spirit. Why they even tune their instruments (almost) up to notes that resemble that of the melodic tones they were always meant to output. Thus results in a band that fondly embraces the energy and spirit of their punk rock brethren, without ever tapping into the chaos and madness that made it so dangerous (at times). Of course Los Campesinos! aren’t wimps either. They just play pop music of a more highly caffeinated variety. KEEP READINGDavid Pitz

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    MP3: Los Campesinos!: "You! Me! Dancing!" - from Hold on Now, Youngster…
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