There Goes Vevo's Identity: YouTube Merges Vevo Subscribers Into Official Artist Channels
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    You know when you're watching Beyoncé twerk in her video for "Sorry" on YouTube and right below the video, you see her account username, "BeyonceVEVO"? And you know how almost every other established musician on the internet has a YouTube account that ends with "VEVO"? Well recently, news broke that that would no longer be a thing. YouTube has decided to merge VEVO channel subscribers into unified "official" music artist accounts, which means JustinBieberVEVO will become JustinBieber, KatyPerryVEVO will become KatyPerry, and so on. After consolidating, fans who subscribed to artists' Vevo accounts will now be subscribed to their Official Artist Channel.

    A YouTube rep shared in a statement, "Vevo's reach and business can continue to grow on YouTube as a direct result of simplifying the user experience through consolidation of an entire artist's catalog into one channel, where Vevo videos are featured prominently."

    Vevo will still be Vevo, however this is a pretty huge blow to their branding and overall identity - a lot of people still don't know exactly what it is that Vevo even does. For those who don't know, the company name actually stands for "video evolution," and they are a video-hosting service that works between Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. However to most of the world, they're just the four capitalized words under their favorite music video.

    What makes the blow even bigger is that the service has been working hard to pull apart and create their own separate identity so that they don't have to rely on that. They're making attempts with their very own channels like Vevo Dscvr and Vevo Lift, which hosts sessions and artist profiles such as this:

    Artist's Vevo channels get a substantially larger amount of views in comparison to their regular artist channels and it's no doubt that they get their hands on the biggest stars of the moment, but ultimately to the viewers watching at home, it's just another YouTube video.

    This new change will begin to roll out on the platform over the next few weeks and we can't help but wonder, will it put a nail in Vevo's separate identity efforts?

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