RZA and Parisi Talk About Refugee Crisis in New Song
    • MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Alyssa Torres

    Wu-Tang's RZA has teamed up with Italian electronic duo Parisi for their new song, "No Refuge." The song goes into the refugee crisis and the travel ban that Trump is trying to enforce. RZA raps "I'm an innocent immigrant trying to emigrate, to the land built by immigrants" as well as "I don't understand how you could ban a man, from a land that was said to be a beacon of light." All the lyrics are very political and powerful and honestly, pretty blunt. The video follows refugees walking through a very foggy, grim looking place with their heads down, but they start dancing and then continue their walk. All earnings from sales as well as streams will go to United Nations Refugee Agency.

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