COMING SOON: Jack Savoretti in Session
    • MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "Hi, my name is Jack Savoretti... What else would you like to know?" The UK singer-songwriter said as he let out a laugh when he stopped by the Baeble offices. Well, there were a couple of things we wanted to know: how he got into making music, the meaning behind his latest album Sleep No More, and of course, if he could play some stripped down songs for us. Savoretti started with "Only You" and we were immediately head over heels in love with his raspy growl and understated charm. He continued with "I'm Yours" and the first song he wrote for the album, "When We Were Lovers."

    "It is about all the things that keep me up at night, and those are good things, bad things, and things that haven't even happened yet. I think those are the typical situations of most men and women my age," the singer said when asked to explain the meaning behind the title of his album. "It's a combination of the life I used to have... And now it's different to parenting, being a good husband, being a good man, working more, and trying to provide and be responsible. It's a combination of passion and responsibility and doing that, I found there's not much time for sleep." That balance between being passionate and responsible is evident throughout his songs. There's so much passion and feeling in his performance and when you listen to the lyrics, you hear that he's singing about being faithful to the one he loves, "Now I really get what love is for, it hit me at the stroke of midnight," he sings in "I'm Yours." "Only you is all I need, only you know where to go to get to me," he loyally pledges once again in "Only You."

    For anyone going through a new phase in life, for anyone who feels like it's time to grow up (and don't we all feel like that sometimes?), Savoretti's captivating lyricism and unique voice will stick with you for a while.

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