Premiere: Ron Pope Drops 'Ain't No Angel'
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Ron Pope has been at this alone for awhile. Having released five independent solo albums, it appears Ron is ready to work with other musicians now. Recently teaming with Brooklyn-based musicians to form a backing band called The Nighthawks (Paul Hammer, Alex Foote, Andrew Pertes, Alex Brumel, Alan Markley, & Michael Riddleberger), Ron has created a team of musicians crucial to the conception of every song on the upcoming album Ron Pope & The Nighthawks. With an unorthodox presentation of songs, performing live before recording, the band has a firm grasp on how they want these tunes to sound already. This situation is is what makes the upcoming album so interesting. Ron's bluesy style and emotive lyricism coupled with a strong backing band hammer in the message he is getting across as well add even more emotional levels to the song. This is apparent on first single "Ain't No Angel".

    The song is a banger. With Ron's strong voice leading the way, The Nighthawks bring an energy that matches Ron's intense lyrics. The angsty single has a definite southern rock vibe complete with gang vocals. It's an interesting first single. Aggressive and confident, Pope sings, "I want to stand on the mountain/I want to know how it feels/I want to see what the world looks like/and everybody hear can feel just what I say/I'll do it my way." It seems he is trying to take even more control of the world around him and his new band is helping him find clarity. Ron said this album is, "me going back to the roots of what made me a songwriter." It's a good first step. With intense drums, southern summer vibes, and a sing-along chorus this is driving music on a bright day. Good weather is coming and so is Ron Pope & The Nighthawks

    Check out the song below, pick it up on iTunes and get ready for Ron Pope & The Nighthawks expected out this summer on Ron's own label Brooklyn Basement Records.

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