Now Playing: A Dead Kitten Session With MisterWives
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There's a certain wide-eyed, scrumptiously optimistic charm to the five members of Bronx-based indie-poppers, MisterWives. They've got that go-and-get-it attitude you want to see in a tribe of youngins chasing down their musical dream to wherever it might lead them. A few weeks back, we convinced 'em that part of the pursuit should trek through our own humble abode, setting up a variety of pleasing instrumentation for a video capture we have lovingly coined a "Dead Kitten" session. It's a term we've been throwing around for a while around here, but now we're going official with it. This is a Dead Kitten Session. Kind of weird, but you kind of like it, right? Anyway, don't's not nearly as gruesome a thing as it sounds (the "dead kitten" being the fuzzy windscreen that graces the end of our stereo mic). It's actually a rather relaxed, stripped-down performance and production in our very own living room, beaming to your's through the power of this video platform of ours. With three songs from their Reflections EP and a little conversation along the way, this sesh has only made the infatuation we described with the band yesterday that much more intense. Still, we're happy to share our love with these guys with you...we swear we're not the jealous types...honest.

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