Searching For Garvis
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Recently, we featured a blog post that investigated Google's search response to certainband names. During my research, I had the pleasure of searching certain bands to determine which would deliver the most bizarre images. Upon searching "BOY band", I was introduced to a photo that would for days haunt my memory. That photo was of the leisurely mysterious fellows who go by the name of Garvis.

    Ironically, I had also recently viewed the Oscar-winning documentary Searching For Sugar Man, which follows the hunt for a long lost musical hero who was unaware of his massive overseas following. This led me to thinking... I want to search for Garvis.

    Who the hell are these dudes? For once, my Google inspection warranted little to no answers. And none of the information that was found can be verified as true, valid sources.

    Here's what I found:

    Item A

    This video is labeled as "Garvis - 'Move On'", and features their photo, but the song is actually Khmer Kid's "Smoke Weed".

    Item B

    This video implies they were around during the 60s (at 1:27). It also celebrates Swedish music with a Beatles song.

    A Real Clue!

    But wait! I finally noticed within comment section of the first bullshit video, amidst the hoard of idiots calling the dudes in the photo "hipsters", a kind contributor informed of the band's true identity, well almost. She claimed the band was called "Garvis Orchester", which I eventually determined to be Garvis Orkester.

    I finally found their website. They've been around since the late 40s, and they're just a group of Swedish dudes that have a long history of making some pretty sweet tunes.

    One of their earliest songs - "Lady Be Good"

    According to the site, in the 1970s, they saw a decline in interest in jazz and shifted their attention to becoming a "dansband" (we're pretty sure no one named Dan was involved). If you have a nifty translator, here's the full explanation.

    Here are a few samples following their transitional period: "Always On [the] Road", and "In Celebration Square"

    Stay tuned as I have recently reached out to the contact info provided on their website in hopes of obtaining an interview.

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