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    • THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2008

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    Trying to shoot dead center for the musical heart of Los Angeles’ Lucky Dragons is no easy task. How does one target what holds together the work of a group of artists who cover so much creative territory at once? Folk, electronica, world, rock, pop; there certainly exist glimmers of each dancing around the Dragon’s transcendent craft. But to pinpoint and prefer one over the other…to say the experimental group’s music is more one thing than another…it doesn’t really work.

    No matter. Lucky Dragons are nothing if not unpredictable…which of course coats each new release in a film of mystery. For their 18th(!) such record, the Dragons set out on a pursuit of “a humble and ecstatic, drippy and explosive, smoldering and upset music for our experience in America right now”. How descriptive! How immediate! Of course, by right now, the band and their PR people actually mean May 6th. That would the date they’ve chosen to release Dream Island Laughing Language on Marriage Records. - David Pitz

    Dream Island Laughing Language Tracklist:
    Side A
    01 clipped gongs
    02 starter culture
    03 drinking dirty water
    04 morning ritual
    05 free guys by the sea
    06 desert rose
    07 mirror friends
    08 band hammer
    09 givers

    Side B
    10 my are singing
    11 i keep waiting for earthquakes
    12 typical hippies
    13 wander birds
    14 realistic rhythm
    15 tune for wind dog
    16 wooden cave loop
    17 oh i understand

    Bonus (CD only)
    18 very 1
    19 very 2

    Lucky Dragons also have a handful of shows scheduled for this Spring/Summer.

    Lucky Dragons On Tour:
    3/27 Los Angeles, CA Hope Gallery
    3/31 Los Angeles, CA Pehr Space
    4/03 Baltimore, MD SCarey Studios
    4/04 Washington, DC Hirshom Museum
    4/05 Purchase, NY SUNY Purchase
    5/23 New York, NY Whitney Museum
    6/01 Los Angeles, CA The Smell
    6/07 New York, NY East River Music Project

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    MP3: Lucky Dragons: "Morning Ritual" - from Dream Island Laughing Language
    Lucky Dragons @ MySpace

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