MGMT Bring Their Psychedelic Sounds to Kings Theatre
    • MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2018

    • Posted by: Piera Lolandes

    MGMT have certainly come a long way since they first emerged about 10 years ago. The duo, consisting of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, penned hits like "Time to Pretend," "Electric Feel," and "Kids," all from their debut album Oracular Spectacular, setting expectations high.

    Since then, they've released Congratulations in 2010 and their self titled album MGMT back in 2013. Then they disappeared for a couple of years and recently made a comeback with their fourth studio album titled Little Dark Age.

    Now the group is touring in support of the new album, and this past weekend on March 24th, they played at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. If you're not familiar with Kings Theatre, it's a beautiful venue, and it went along quite nicely with the maturation of MGMT and their music.

    They opened their set with the new album's title track, "Little Dark Age." Their setup was quite simple with VanWyngarden and Goldwasser taking center stage and the rest of their band to the side of them, everyone in front of a large screen that projected trippy patterns. They followed with "When You Die" and then surprisingly threw "Time to Pretend" in there early, which naturally made the whole crowd go wild.

    MGMT, Kings Theatre

    VanWyngarden then proceeded to mount a stationary bike on stage and invited us to workout with him as he then sang the very catchy "She Works Out Too Much." The song concluded with a small jazz solo by an actual jazz player who absolutely killed it. By the time they performed "Electric Feel," the whole venue was out of their seats and made their way up the the stage. Smoke filled the room and glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces were thrown up in the air for others to catch.

    MGMT, Kings Theatre

    Before leaving, they graced us with an encore which included "Hand It Over" and "Youth." Since the March for Our Lives rally had taken place earlier that day in the city, VanWyngarden addressed the importance of the movement and dedicated the song "Youth" to all those going out there and making a change for our future. MGMT proved that their Little Dark Age is now in the past as they seem to have finally come to terms with their sound and who they are as a band.

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