MisterWives Reflections
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    We think we're in love. If New York legalized polyamorous marriage, we'd pop the question to Bronx-based group MisterWives, who recently released their debut EP Reflections. Judging from the breakup-weighted lyrical content on the EP, we think we'd have a pretty good chance to at least be their rebound. These NYC artists came together for their first show only a year ago, and since then have already signed to Photo Finish and Island Records, toured with Half Moon Run, and kicked the cowboy boots off of SXSW.

    This holy union of four Misters and one Wife has birthed a pop folk style unlike another, and Reflections mirrors every reason why. The six-track EP is a bundle of touching ballads and screaming pop tunes. Sorry Taylor Swift, Imma let you finish, but your resentful heartbreak songs got nothing on "Reflections" and "Twisted Tongue", which are like a titanic tag-team that calls out asshole ex-boyfriends everywhere. Smoking hot vocalist Mandy Lee leads us six feet under as she croons us into "Coffins", an eerie, but captivating track. MisterWives are then crowned Prom "Kings and Queens" as they sweep us onto the dance floor with a dancier portion of the album. The album is capped by "Vagabond", a slow building beauty that makes us remember why we all fell in love with folk-pop in the first place.

    MisterWives make a rare pair of ear and eye candy ready for the masses to devour, and Reflections is a damn good reflection of our hopes and wishes for pop music. Check back in tomorrow to see our special session with MisterWives at the Baeble HQ. Reflections is out now. Get your copy here.

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