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    • MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Icelandic post-rock icons Sigur Ros are dropping more bombs today than a Lost season finale. After revealing to the world plans for their new album, Valtari, Sigur Ros have released the album's lead single, "Ekki Mukk." We have no idea what that means although it once again proves that Sigur Ros should be Icelandic for "beautiful" (actually it means "victory rose"). This song isn't quite as sweeping as the music they've been producing lately, and it won't end up scoring any falling in love scene from a movie, but it's low-key and haunting nonetheless. The band describes Valtari ("Steamroller") as "the only Sigur Rs record I have listened to for pleasure in my own house after weve finished it," so if that's not a great sign, we don't know what is. They've also referred to this as the most studio centric album they've created yet so if this means even more painstakingly crafted music from Jonsi, we will take it.

    The band has released the track list for Valtari which you can check out here. If you speak Icelandic, feel free to tell us what the song titles mean in the comments section. Is it 5/28 yet?

    1. Èg anda.
    2. Ekki mùkk.
    3. Varùõ.
    4. Rembihnùtur.
    5. Dauõalogn.
    6. Varõeldur.
    7. Valtari.
    8. Fjögur pìanò.

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