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    • FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

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    So you guys, I've been thinking. Lots of things in the world don't make sense... Glen Beck, professional wrestling, how The Black Dahlia got made, etc. At least professional wrestling can be explained as soap operas for boys and The Black Dahlia was nominated for an academy award (cinematography, which it lost). What have you got, Beck? Anywayz gangstas and lady gangstas, don't want to get political or whatever. But my point is that I realize "Thank God It's Mixtape" doesn't make sense. I get it. But it doesn't matter, because it is kind of funny! Someone earlier in the week asked me why it isn't TGIF Mixtape and I promptly took away their ice cream. Keep that in mind.

    This week we've got a cool looking dog DJ, as well as great tunes! What a cute dog! No cats allowed, amirite? No you probably like cats, so lets just listen to some music. Woof.

    See you next week. - j dawg

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    1. "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo
    My copy of this song is titled "Beat The Devil\x{2019}s Tattoo" and I have no idea why. But it makes me want to walk down the street while wearing leather and looking hard, which is how BRMC should make you feel, and that is a great Friday feeling! Let's go be rad!

    2. "Maspeth" - Inlets - Inter Arbiter
    Alright, let's set the mood. Slowly but surely I am falling in love with this cryptic band from Brooklyn... The slow, surly stuff usually bores me, but this record froths and bubbles in such a subtle, beneath the surface way. It's tough to explain my feelings without getting technical about odd chord/harmony choices and counterpoint, so I'll spare you the music theory and just say it reminds me of acoustic Radiohead (default answer).

    3. "On It On It" - Javelin - No Mas
    There is something really wonderfully comfortable about Javelin beats. All organic (no sampled preservatives), their partwriting for synthetics is like a modern day Chopin sonata for the Korg dance setting. Their forthcoming album is full of gems, but this track always sticks out when I see them. Watch the chorus beat with it's outburst of bass, then the brilliant segue into a groovy bridge. It's vintage without feeling old and worn, and hip without being overwrought.

    4. "Flash Delirium" - MGMT - Congratulations
    When the album leaked and MGMT put the whole thing up on their site, I knew I wasn't wrong about "Flash Delirium". At first many panned the track as being all over the place/sloppy/less hook heavy than their previous hits. I agree, and those are precisely the reasons I love the song and the album, which coincidentally makes PERFECT sense when put together around this quirky little track. While many mainstreamers will pan this album (I'm sure), as well as fanboys, I hope at least one major critical source recognizes how quirky and delightful it is.

    5. "Bloodbuzz Ohio" - The National - High Violet
    Nothing that'll surprise those familiar with their lavish mid-tempo tendencies, though the first sounds to sliver from The National's upcoming release High Violet are welcome nonetheless. "Bloodbuzz Ohio" is thick and dense, and, like the best National tracks, glides like an aerial stunt show upon wings of atmospheric studio touches. Look for High Violet on May 11th.

    6. "Heaven And Earth" - Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void
    Unlike The National, Blitzen Trapper seem to specialize in keeping listeners on their toes...what with two previous albums of insanely diverse song-fare in the books. Their newest release is dubbed Destroyer of the Void, and if that void is predictability, than they're just the band to do it. "Heaven and Earth" is an interesting first leak, as it's a brooding ballad banged out on the piano and tossed and turned with some pocket strings. No telling just yet what the rest of the album is like. Destroyer of the Void hits stores June 8th.

    7. "Surrounded By Your Friends" - Hooray for Earth - Momo
    A Boston outfit inspired by the electric pulse of NYC (they live here now), Hooray for Earth originally released the MOMO EP digitally and on their own. Dovecote Records liked the EP, the band, and their mutual love for Enya so much, they have decided to re-release it June 1st. "Surrounded By Your Friends" provides a nice reason for the label's attraction to the band.

    8. "Tin Flower (Featuring Heather Fortune)" - RJD2 - The Colossus
    This instrumental from RJD2's fourth album The Colossus is a big creamy blast of soulful beats, ripe with woozy flute sections, some snazzy brass work, and the kind of electric piano that goes down like pudding. Tapioca yo...

    9. "On My Shoulders" - The Do - A Mouthful
    We pointed you to French/Finish duo The Do a few days ago...though we figured a reminder to check them out wouldn't be a bad thing. Word is, the band just scored the first #1 record in France with an album sung in English. Accomplishment! Those vocals too, are a big part of the Do's appeal. Singer Olivia Merilahti is a bit plain in dialect, but that sort of gives these simplistic, driving pop songs a sweet and sassy kind of feel. A Mouthful, the band's aforementioned album, hits US shores April 6th.

    10. "Burden of Tomorrow" - The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt
    The haphazard pairing of an acoustic guitar with a yelping, freewheeling vocalist certainly isn't a new thing...but when it's done right, it's never a bad thing. Such is the case with Swedish musician Kristian Matsson - aka, The Tallest Man On Earth. "Burden of Tomorrow" is a new slice of poetic songwriting, ripped from Matsson's record, The Wild Hunt, out April 13th via Dead Oceans.

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