scott hardkiss come on come on (part II)
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

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    Almost twenty years after the Hardkiss brothers ruled the scene in Northern California, Scott Hardkiss continues to retool his own breed of acid techo and breakbeat by remixing his own derivative works. Technicolor Dreamer, his branching out from beat-smithing to full blown song construction landed last summer, and like any good DJ, a remix album was probably in the works before the record even dropped. Fast forward to March 2010 and no surprises, Hardkiss has assembled a list of legends you've probably never heard of to contribute: Joe Claussell, DJ Phunkae, Lisa Shaw (who appeared on the original track) and more.

    The original song (included here) is very nineties nostalgia. The remixes range from downtempo meditations (first track by Dean and Britta) to instrumentals, to slightly more updated/shifted versions like Joe Claussell's dub remix (definitely a top track on the collection). You don't have to be a Hardkiss junkie to appreciate the stylistic integrity of all these tracks, a nice look back on the club culture with a bunch of relevant players.

    Keep in mind Hardkiss and all of his enlisted artists for the project come from a smoother era. Remix/house culture had a significantly more obvious booster shot of soul back then, and it shows on the retooled tracks. No amount of modernity can rob the obvious influences in Hardkiss's part writing, his flavor is the backbone of the entire EP. So if you're looking for shiny new sounds, or untold oddities, this may not be your dance floor. If you're itching for the sounds of nineties house infused pop, you've hit the jackpot. - joe puglisi

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    MP3:"Come On Come On (Scott Hardkiss Remix Ft. Lisa Shaw)" - Come On Come On EP
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