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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2008

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    Prepping his ’07 breakthrough Person Pitch, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear approached the release like that of a dance album; issuing vinyl only singles for almost every track on the album. Of course the power of Person Pitch lies in its deep rooted, introspective qualities…a listen best experienced from a more horizontal posture, rather than say…movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor.

    Not the case with his latest project. Enlisting the help of producer XXXChange (Spankrock, Kid Sister), “Comfy in Nautica’s” relaxed Beach Boy melodies spark to new life, courtesy of XXXChange’s fervent treatment. A steady four on the floor back beat, druggy synth propulsions, and “Around the World” type vocal treatments; this remix plants a pile of massive club speakers where Panda Bear’s original track once stood. Now this, I could skateboard to. - David Pitz

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    MP3: Panda Bear: "Comfy in Nautica (XXXChange Remix)"
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