Pet Shop Boys Prove They're Still The Best In The Game
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    80s electropop icons Pet Shop Boys have released their latest single off their new record Super, "Happiness." It's got quite the clean-cut and hypnotic kick to it, with the perfect level of build-up reminiscent of early house music from the 90s, to a meticulously catchy chorus that provides a simple lyrical substance to a song in which the sweeping electronic riffs and buzzy bridges take center fold.

    The song is very much a fun-oriented one, with a crowd-pleasing chorus and a relatively goofy sound in comparison to most electronic pop formulas, showing a more unhinged side to the duo. The momentum of this track, and hopefully more tracks on the album, is geared towards and immersive and trance-y old school house kick with just the right amount of contemporary context and technique. And this only makes sense given that the duo have grown with electronic pop among practically all of its incarnations, taking new approaches alongside other innovators since the 80s.

    Between the bizarre bridges full of slow-gliding synths and booming drops, one of the most appealing parts about what Pet Shop Boys are putting forward is the constant growth to the song, where every repeated chorus and verse has a few more twists, changing lineups of synths, and wackier effects overall, which definitely keeps one hooked to the beat. Aside from this, "Happiness" represents a moment in which the duo has undoubtedly lightened up and still has some serious energy.

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