Can Sturgill Simpson Breathe New Life Into A Nirvana Standard
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Nirvana is one of those bands that's just on the borderline of being inactive for long enough that it makes sense to cover one of their songs, and like every cover song, the best ones are often completely transformative of the original. Sturgill Simpson has proven that he's more than well suited to take on the challenge of completely reinvigorating grunge songs with his cover of "In Bloom," as seen with an accompanying music video chock full of eerie, otherworldly animations.

    Alternative-country figure Sturgill Simpson's take on "In Bloom" seems to have purged the distorted heaviness that the original song had, while still maintaining enough melancholy in his voice and in the brooding bass lines. The more uplifting string sections of the song provide a very interesting sort of twist, however. "In Bloom" is very far from a chamber pop song, but with quite a stretch of the imagination Simpson has without a doubt worked it into one, injecting some soulful qualities and versatile bluesy jamming that's present within his works.

    This is most present within the choruses that get backed by guitars, violins, and a piano, and the interesting tweak to the chorus' lyrics (the chorus ends with "he don't know what it means" and Simpson adds "to love someone"), adding to the theme that he had his own piece to the puzzle in order to have a really transformative effect on the song.

    The cover of "In Bloom" will appear on A Sailor's Guide To Earth, to be released April 15.

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