Video Premiere: Lucette in 'Black Is The Color'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Lucette is confident. The Canadian singer-songwriter knows her sound and what she's trying to do. Most singers, save for the femme fatale Lana Del Rey, would be so outright dark in their debut material, but Lucette isn't most artists. Releasing the excellent album Black Is the Color last year, Lucette is gearing up to have a very strong 2015 fresh off several showcases at SXSW. The folk singer has a mesmerizing voice. With simple instrumental backings, the main focus is on her. Her sad coos and purrs will excite and delight, but remind that not all may be well in her world. It's this mysterious enchantment with darkness that tends to bring people in. This is apparent in her new video for title track "Black Is the Color."

    The video is shot in black and white and finds Lucette living a normal day in her life. Hanging outside a derelict Church, laying flowers at an unmarked grave, playing with a Ouija board, and being choked out by her lover just seem like casual things for her to do. The most interesting part of the video, however, is when she finds herself painting. Lucette drags her hands all over her art, literally engrossing herself in black paint. Though appearing messy, it reflects her style. The dark undercurrent of her music can be compared to her canvas. Lucette is leaving her mark all over it, pretty or not, just wanting to exorcise whatever is bothering her. It's honest, uncomfortable, and awesome.

    Watch the video for "Black Is the Color" below and check out her album here.

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