Sibling Magic: A Mixtape
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Yesterday, we finished an absolutely phenomenal session with Australian pop-rockers The Veronicas. You can find some photos from the session here. They're a fantastic act regardless, but the Veronicas are also twin sisters, and it got us thinking about all of the great musical acts where talent seems to run in the family. And so here's a mixtape of some of our favorite songs by our favorite bands with a little bit of that sibling magic.

    There's going to be a YouTube playlist at the end of the piece with all of the videos already placed into one embed if you don't feel like perusing the whole list, and for those of you who want to start listening as you read, you can find the Spotify version of the mixtape here so you can relax and get right into the groove.

    Oasis -- "Don't Look Back in Anger"

    You can't start a list of famous musical siblings without Oasis. *Dana Carvey's George Bush voice* Not gonna do it... Wouldn't be prudent.

    The National -- "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

    The National have not one but two sets of siblings in the band. Aaron and Bryce Dessner are twins -- that I was incapable of telling apart the time I saw them live -- and then Bryan and Scott Devendorf handle bass and drums.

    The Allman Brothers Band -- "Jessica"

    There are guitar gods, and then there are the Allman Brothers, and Duane Allman was among the greatest guitar players to ever live. His brother Greg was no slouch on the keyboard either.

    Arcade Fire -- "Reflektor"

    Win and Regine are often the public faces of the band, but Win's little brother Will has been making a splash with his new solo record, and Arcade Fire has always been and will always be a family affair.

    The Beach Boys -- "God Only Knows"

    It's the greatest pop song ever written. The Wilson Brothers tapped into something downright spiritual with this one. What else is there to say?

    First Aid Kit -- "The Lion's Roar"

    These Swedish sisters have been favorites here in the Baeble office for years now ever since they played a session for us back in 2010. We can't get enough.

    Hanson -- "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"

    The Hanson brothers were megastars in the 90s, and although you might not know this, they're still releasing new music, and it's better than any of the stuff they were making as kids. Hanson grew up, and we're not ashamed to call ourselves fans.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival -- "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"

    John and Tom Fogerty did not care too much for each other by the time CCR broke up, but when they were together -- is there a better hippie/southern rock band than CCR?

    Radiohead -- "Lotus Flower"

    Everybody remembers Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood -- how long til it's announced Johnny is scoring another P.T. Anderson film? -- but people sometimes forget Johnny's brother Colin, and that's not okay.

    The Avett Brothers -- "Kick Drum Heart"

    I can't tell you the exact moment the Avett Brothers went from being a band I'd never heard of to one of the biggest acts in folk rock today, but there's no doubt these North Carolina brothers are icons.

    Heart -- "Crazy On You"

    The Wilson sisters kicked as much ass as any of their male counterparts from the 70s, and that flamenco guitar line throughout "Crazy On You" made it one of the 70s best tracks.

    Orbital -- "New France" feat. Zola Jesus

    The Hartnoll brothers aren't as well known here in the States as they are in their native France, and that's a crime because their minimalist electronica is among the best of the genre.

    Tegan & Sara -- "Walking With A Ghost"

    I wasn't going to leave the LGBT community out of this post, and Canadian synthpoppers Tegan & Sara have made some of the best pop music of the last decade.

    Bee Gees -- "How Deep Is Your Love"

    Barry's the only Brother Gibb left -- I was so mad at myself the first time I finally realized that's what Bee Gees meant -- but the brothers wrote some of the most beloved singles of the 70s including six consecutive #1 singles thanks to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

    Disclosure feat. Sam Smith -- "Latch"

    This is actually my pick for one of the five best songs of the 2010s right now, and although most people remember the Sam Smith vocal hooks, it's the smooth production from the Lawrence brothers that makes it such a classic.

    Haim -- "Forever"

    I'm ready for a new Haim sister's record already. Has it really been two years since Days Are Gone came out?

    The Veronicas -- "You Ruin Me"

    And now we're back at the raison d'etre for this post. Our excitement is palpable for when we're finally allowed to share our session with this band. But, until then, let the haunting vocals of their track "You Ruin Me" hold you over, and all the while, keep pondering that sibling magic.

    And be sure to check out the embed of the entire YouTube playlist below in case you don't feel like playing each individual post.

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