Listen To Action Bronson And Earl Sweatshirt Collab 'Warlord Leather'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    We, maybe without even realizing it, just witnessed hip-hop history over the last week. With the release of Kendrick's To Pimp A Butterfly, Bronson's Mr. Wonderful, and Earl's I Don't Like Sh**, I Don't Go Outside, we have three great new rap albums released on the same day. Insane to grasp and hard to listen to them all, which makes it totally awesome that Earl and Bronson just dropped a collaborative song titled "Warlord Leather".

    The song is a monster. Alchemist really laced up the track with drums reminiscent of Kanye's production on Pusha T's "Numbers On The Board" and an awesome guitar riff akin to the sounds that are found all over Mr. Wonderful. The MC's push each other to the absolute limit of phenomenal lyricism. With Earl offering lines like, "Screaming 'woah' with his hands up/the glorious bastard is back in that hoodie/like a vein that collapsed cause it's black," in amazing self-referential fashion, Bronson comes just as hard with lines like, "I spent eleven thousand Yen just on the feet/Another twenty seven thousand Yen just for the heat/play the guitar with my teeth." Both rappers stunt, incredibly hard. If 2014 was the worst year ever in hip-hop, 2015 is already cementing itself as legendary.

    Check out the song below and make sure you check out Mr. Wonderful and I Don't Like Sh**, I Don't Go Outside.

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