How To Make Your Band Google Friendly
    • MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    In today's digital age the process of naming your band has evolved. No longer can you open the refridgerator and say, "That's it! We're Provolone!" Think about it... After you hear a band, if you decide to pursue the relationship, Google is your initial tool of investigation. Yeah, maybe you'll go right to iTunes, but you're probably going to want to taste the milk before you buy the whole cow. A quick search lays out all the baggage in plain sight (don't you wish it was this easy with real relationships?).

    So it has become incredibly important for bands to make themselves visible in the search engine world. As we're constantly searching new bands, we often run into many, often comical issues trying to dig up websites, photos, etc. We decided to put together a few simple guidelines to ensure your band name is Google friendly. And before you get all rock n' roll with your damn the man, Armpit doesn't conform to search engine rules, realize the huge mistakes you could be making.

    Disclaimer: We understand that quite a few bands have overcome these obstacles (for example: Grizzly Bear is more famous than grizzly bears), but why risk it?

    1) Do not name yourself after a thing. Say no to noun!
    Examples: Arms, Baths, Brother, Clinic, Maps, GUARDS, Tennis

    Caps don't help. You're leading us down a road to nowhere. Oh and I like any excusable reason to mistakenly find porn, but if you lead me to boobs, you're losing a listener as I lose myself in the lewd labyrinth.

    2) Think about what's going to show up in Google image search.
    Examples: BOY, Black Kids

    These are definitely the most fun, even when you attach the words "band" or "music" in an attempt to narrow down the results. Garvis, the handsome fellows in the bottom right box of the photo was a very early result when searching "BOY band".

    3) Really? A geographic location? Come on!
    Examples: St. Lucia, Barcelona, Beirut, Bear Mountain

    Seriously, every dude (or lady) that saw a bear on a mountain called it Bear Mountain. They weren't that creative back in the day. Bears live on mountains! Oh, and Beirut... don't even get me started about having their name set in Google Alerts - that place sounds terrifying.

    4) Don't name yourself after someone, books, movies, etc.
    Examples: Twin Peaks, Joan of Arc

    Two weeks ago, I spent half an hour watching the Twin Peaks little guy waltz because I searched "Twin Peaks music". We're all fans guys, but you can tell us in other ways.

    5) Typos are GOOD!
    Examples: Wavves, CHVRCHES, Haerts

    Although it pains me to type it, I know I'm not going to uncover any Christian blogs when I search CHVRCHES.

    6) Get creative. Make up your own words and act like everyone should know how to pronounce them!
    Examples: DIIV, Alt-J, JJAMZ

    Every day at least 20 people feel like dicks for saying "Bon Eye-ver", as 20 other people feel that much cooler for correcting them.

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