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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2009

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    Imagine this: It's a golden afternoon...the kind that seems made for careless drives to nowhere in particular. Just an excuse to turn up the radio and feel alive, really. You idle at a stop light, when along comes an older geezer, speakers shaking the pavement, sing a long songs flooding from his windows. Hell, he's even got the moxie to throw in some shameless air guitar. Surely, this chap is out of place, you think. That is until it dawns on you that it's none other than Neil Young.

    It'll never happen of course. But Young's video for "Johnny Magic" - ripped from his upcoming album Fork in the Road (April 7th) - gives you an idea of what it might look like if did. There's also an interesting story behind the ride.

    "Young has been an activist his entire career, and over the past few years has become involved in developing different fuel possibilities. Along with Johnathan Goodwin, Young set out on a project using alternative energy to power Young's '59 Lincoln Continental. Entitled LINCVOLT, the project is now finished. From that development and other inspirations, the songs on Fork in the Road are an emotional response to the current social and ecological questions facing the world's population." - David Pitz

    neil young - "johnny magic"

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