Why Jon Lajoie's Wolfie's Just Fine Should Be Your New Favorite Folk Project
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Here's a prediction: the sleeper album from this year that we're all going to be talking about in a couple weeks is I Remembered But Then I Forgot by Wolfie's Just Fine. If you don't recognize that band name, that's okay. It didn't exist until about a month ago. Wolfie's Just Fine is the lush folk project from TV personality/comedian Jon Lajoie (most famous for his role on FX's The League). But if you only know him as Taco, leave those expectations at the door. I Remembered But Then I Forgot is some of the most gorgeous and emotionally intimate folk this side of The Tallest Man on Earth.

    The record isn't out yet, but I had the chance to hear it as I was preparing for an interview with Lajoie that we'll be running soon. If you have any love in your heart for Tallest Man On Earth or First Aid Kit or Jose Gonzalez, you owe it to yourself to dive into that record when it drops in two weeks. I promise that you won't be disappointed. And although we've already seen the stunning Spielberg-esque fantasy of the video for "It's A Job," Lajoie has another single that he's sharing with the public in advance of the record, "I Forgot."

    If "It's A Job" operated more in the vein of soaring, uplifting, harmonious guitar folk, "I Forgot" indulges in darker, more subversive theatrics with strings that are so heavy and foreboding at first that they gain a percussive texture. But like the best music, Lajoie's tracks have genuine movements built into them and "I Forgot" bursts away into choral beauty and a jangling guitar that finds the root of melancholy and even a bit of hope.

    We can not wait til I Remembered But Then I Forgot is officially out and the rest of the folk loving world can get as excited for this record as we are.

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