How Yeasayer's Latest Track Shows The Band's Remarkable Maturation
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We're just a week removed from the release of Amen & Goodbye, the fourth LP from Brooklyn art-pop outfit Yeasayer. We've heard a handful of singles from the new record, and they've all been a lot of fun, but I was not quite prepared for how excellent the latest single, "Gerson's Whistle" would prove to be.

    Yeasayer cut their teeth in experimental/psychedelic pop-rock, and some folks have chafed as their songwriting has become more polished. It's a complaint that I understand (you like your bands to be a little raw) but one that I'm going to fundamentally disagree with. Yeasayer haven't been polishing away their personality with the singles from this album (and from Fragrant World); they've become better songwriters. And "Gerson's Whistle" is the best track we've heard from them since "Henrietta" way back in 2012.

    "Gerson's Whistle" still finds for the swirling psychedelia of earlier Yeasayer cuts like "Ambling Alp" but their ear for song structure has only gotten better. The choral elements of the track tie it all together. The percussion finds the band working in an inescapable groove, and it almost sounds like what would have happened if Pink Floyd had decided to write a radio pop song. I'll take more of this please.

    And watch our classic concert with the band below at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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