That's a Wrap: The Veronicas
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    My little sister and I always joke about having twin telepathy -- the notion that twins share some type of psychic connection because of their time together in the womb -- but we're not twins. We're close as siblings, but we're still nearly five years apart. Yesterday, during what I can only describe as an immensely powerful session, we here at Baeble got to bear witness to true twin telepathy and of a musical variety we'd never seen before, and we've got Aussie pop-rockers The Veronicas to thank for it.

    They're not as well known here in the States as they are in their native Australia, but twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso will be soon. The Veronicas stopped by our offices to perform stripped down, acoustic numbers off tracks from their forthcoming album The Veronicas, their first new record in six years after a lengthy legal battle with their old record label. We've had a lot of bands stop in at the Baeble offices to play sets, but it's been a long time since we've heard singers with such naturally powerful voices as the Origliasso sisters. When the sisters ran down a Whitney-esque vocal fill interspersed with complex harmonies during "Cold," we got chills. Check out some photos from the session below, and get prepared for an Aussie take-over of the pop-radio here in the States very soon. These sisters are stars.

    Also, before you check out the photos, listen to their song "You Ruin Me," which is one of the stripped down numbers these enormously talented sisters played for us.

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