HAERTS Share Angsty Anthem 'Call My Name'
    • MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    Synth-poppers HAERTS give us a likable slow dance anthem fit for CW's prime time prom scenes. Their new song "Call My Name" is the first taste of an upcoming album for the Brooklyn breakouts. The album remains shrouded in mystery as it still doesn't have a title or a release date, but if this tidbit is any indication of things to come, hopefully we'll be receiving more news soon.

    "Call My Name" starts off with some sensually slow drumming and ambient synth to set the mood. Nini Fabi's lyrics are chock full of melancholy relationship troubles that make this feel like it poured out of some lingering teen angst. If only teen angst were always this productive, there'd be an endless supply of heart-throb indie anthems.

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