video: blitzen trapper massacre with rainn wilson
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Want to see a music video with Rainn Wilson performing on stage with Blitzen Trapper? Too bad, you can't. Because by the end of this video, real-life Dwight Schrute has individually killed each member of the band. However, you can still watch his creepy, dramatized solo performance!

    This depiction of their concert veers into a slightly darker place than Baeble's Blitzen Trapper concert experience, thanks to the comedic murders. There's a phrase I never thought I'd say.

    Fact: Half-way through the video I was legitimately afraid with the addition of the Satan-voice effect. Luckily, Rainn Wilson is more humorous than frightening, so don't let my fragility make you hesitate to check out the hilarity in this mocumentary tale of a Wilson scorned. Check out The Blitzen Trapper Massacre below!

    The Blitzen Trapper Massacre from Brian Adrian Koch on Vimeo.

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