introducing: jamie woon
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    English singer/songwriter, Jamie Woon, was a featured guest at our SXSW showcase. The nearly 28-year-old Londoner swooned the female attendees with his spellbinding, R+B, vocal prowess. Although an atypical, male musician, Woon will surely take the US by storm with his forthcoming, first full-length, Mirrorwriting.

    He may be the son of Celtic folk-singer, Mae McKenna, but Woon is no Shane MacGowen. An alumnus of the Brit School, he was musically trained within the same facilities as fellow, boisterous vocalists Adele and Amy Winehouse. Woon claims that he was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson's Bad as well as Boyz II Men. At 15, he expanded his musical interests when he learned to play guitar, leading to his exploration of Radiohead.

    Four years ago, Woon delved into his mother's roots and released his EP, a cover of British, folk classic Wayfaring Stranger. Fellow, UK musical artist (and an idol of Woon's), Burial provided the single with a hypnotizing remix. Woon's echoing vocals rested comfortably alongside Burial's hushing, dubstep percussion. He finally gained prominent recognition with his single "Night Air".

    Mirrorwriting, self-produced and three years in the making, will certainly embody all that is "Woon". Choppy, rhythmic guitar accompanied by the genius layering of the artist's soulful voice will flutter the hearts of millions.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming live coverage of Jamie Woon at SXSW, but in the meantime check out his video for "Lady Luck".

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