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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2010

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    There is something about mildly unsettling chord progressions and alternative modalities that are kind of mind-melting-ly great. It explains the Kid As of our generation and subsequent brain-liquefying efforts into putting the schizophrenic subconscious into an audible form. Thus Inlets answers our unknown need to have a guy with an acoustic guitar and a fragile voice sound like our Id telling us to resurrect the dead. Intriguing and weird, endearing and a bit ominous. In short, pretty great. This is not your typical Brooklyn fare. Put that tropical chillwave bullsh*t down and let's get weird.

    The first single from Inter Arbiter is chock full of surprises, with some subtle, almost Notwist-like woodwind backgrounds providing just the right amount of spook to keep listeners on their toes. The album drops on 4/20, when we will all collectively breath a sigh of relief after the barrage of jokes is over... you know, about music and trees and *gunshot*. Just kidding, we'll collectively breath out.

    Also check out our Inlets concert from 2009 at MHOW, listed below. -joe puglisi

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    Inlets @ MHOW
    MP3:"Bright Orange Air" - Inter Arbiter
    Inlets on Myspace

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