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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2010

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    It isn't very often that entire components of rock can be omitted or ignored for long periods of time without sounds pretentious or lacking in thought. It also isn't very often that a band can get away with calling their sound "high-fiving each other" for forty minutes. There are barely any vocals on Fang Island, the self-titled debut from the Brooklyn band formed at a Rhode Island art school. Some might be expecting the next big thing, some might expect a dud. But Fang Island is a different class of criminal, cleverly crafting a subtle statement on the more bombastic sides of glam, classic rock and metal with art-punk which boarders on masturbatory. And for all their cautious development of a specific kind of sarcasm, they are rewarded with an album that is almost like one big, awesome punchline. The good kind.

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    MP3:"Daisy" - Fang Island
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