Migos Are A Rock Band Now Apparently
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Looks like Migos are continuing their output of videos where they huddle up in a circle and rap together in a random setting - this time it's for "What The Price" and they're in the woods dressed as members of a rock band. Every member of the trio is pretending to play an instrument (sweet keytar, bro) as they wear studded leather jackets and sing with mic stands and sit next to amps. Yeah, I don't think they're using the amps, I think when they were brainstorming video ideas, they literally just sat down and were like "okay, how can we make people believe we're converting to rock 'n' roll?" and someone responded with "Amps! We need more amps!" and they just went with it. So yeah, now I'm seeing them sit next to that amp and I'm terrified by their scarily authentic new lifestyle. Who knows? Maybe the world will see the rap group fully transform into a rock band one day. And what a cool day that'll be...

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