Kendrick Lamar Leaves Cryptic Instagram Post We All Know Means a New Album
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Let's not drag this on: A new Kendrick Lamar album is dropping soon. There technically hasn't been a formal announcement, but the critically acclaimed hip-hop artist just gave fans the next best thing: A mysterious social media post. The Instagram post in question is a photo of the Roman numeral "IV" on top of a black background, and as of writing this article, Kendrick's entire Instagram account has been wiped except for the new post. The "IV" is likely in reference to his upcoming album, which will be the fourth one in his discography, because what else it could possibly mean if not a new album? All the signs are there: A headlining spot at Coachella, a recent interview giving details on the To Pimp A Butterfly follow-up, and now this "cryptic message" that has inevitably sent fans furiously squirming in excitement.

    It's been two years since TPAB was released, but if anything its theme of finding identity as a successful black man in a chaotic and socially tattered America has only become more relevant in light of recent historical events. Even with a record with such lasting power, it's nice to see that Lamar isn't resting on his laurels and continuing to make some of the most ambitious and thought-provoking music in hip-hop today. He did say in the aforementioned interview that this new album would diverge thematically from TPAB, but as someone whose album of B-sides was still one of the best records of 2016, it's safe to assume that whatever Kendrick has in store for this new one, it's probably going to be nothing short of amazing. Check out the Instagram post below.

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