late night: rebecca black
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    On Tuesday, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno received a visit from Rebecca Black, the girl who has dominated YouTube, Twitter, and your nightmares for the past week thanks to her music video, "Friday". Unless you have never been introduced to the internet, you have probably seen or at least heard of the song that contemplates life's difficult challenges, such as which car seat to choose, and masters lyrical excellence by rhyming "bowl" with "cereal". Take a look at Black's appearance on Leno to watch her discuss this sudden fame, smile a lot, and end her sentences with high pitched hilarity the way all thirteen year old girls can't seem to help doing.

    She claims her song is "different because it's not indecent" but I would like to know what a thirteen year old girl is doing getting in a car with friends that are old enough to drive. Huh, Rebecca Black? Go back home and eat your cereal! She then proceeds to "sing" a clip of her song, still managing to smile as joyfully as if her favorite rhinestone jeans were half price at the mall. And yes, I say "sing" because the song's vocals began before she even had the microphone up to her mouth. Suspicious!

    I'm glad that you are capable of having so much fun fun fun, Rebecca Black, but it may be safer for you to return to your world of bunny rabbits, hopscotch, and glittery lip gloss before it is too late. Watch Rebecca Black on Leno, below:

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