deja rude
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There's been quite a flood of reports on nasty incidences at SXSW in the wake of the annual barrage of bands, BBQ, and apparently way too much beer. There was Ben Weasel's most notorious response to having ice thrown at him:

    The aftermath of camera equipment crashing on a crowd during OMD's show at Stubb's:

    Hell, even a few interactive kids got into a tussle with the Austin Police!

    Now comes video of heroic, horse mounted police galloping through crowded pods of onlookers at a Death From Above 1979 show, even macing a few fine folk as they went along. Police work...

    And while we were initially going to shy away from chiming in on such incidences (they stand in direct contrast to the incredibly positive experience we just had down in Austin), we noticed that the latest incident finds none other than DFA 1979's Sebastien Grainger at the center of the hysteria. And we thought, gosh...we've seen this before! Check out the post set tantrum Grainger throws at the end of his set at the Saddle Creek Showcase at the Radio Room all the way back in '08.

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