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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 2010

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    The Do is French/Finnish vocalist and guitarist Olivia Merilahti & multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy. Together they take doo-wop, jazz, country, Americana, folk, and a mess of anything and everything you can think of and put it together in one big eclectic arrangement. If you're having trouble imagining it, think of She & Him if they were from Europe and you'll pretty much have it. The Do might have a bit more grit, though.

    The Do also have a sound similar to a previous European band Baeble spotlighted, Miss Li. The Do have the same kind of anything goes mentality to song-writing.

    In their bio (which if you read it all rhymes incidentally) it says the duo "thrive on the balance between swing & serene, to instill a fil in a picturesque scene, of subtle melodies, and distant rhythms." which is really just a wacky way of saying they make music that's definitely interesting but most importantly pretty.

    Their debut is out April 6th on Six Degrees Records, A Mouthful, is already being talked about as a really solid rock album, or as The New Yorker put it, "A cross between The Cardigans & Hole, with peaks of orchestral whimsy, it's an exuberantly bouncy sound". Now that's not an endorsement you take lightly.

    Off of A Mouthful are two tracks Baeble spotlighted in our new music video column. They're pretty darn good and have a great mix of everything The Do is after musically.

    Check them both out and make sure to keep an eye on The Do because after listening to what they're working on it seems like they're going to be hopping the Atlantic Ocean soon enough.

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