BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Sanctuary' by Welshly Arms
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Peter Larson]

    Today we're premiering the latest single from Cleveland-based alt-rock band, Welshly Arms. Combining a gospel choir with the most scorching hook, "Sanctuary" is instantly one of the most soulful anthems of the decade. Frontman Sam Getz told us a little bit about the song, "We wrote 'Sanctuary' in a time where everything on the news and in politics seemed so dark and out of control. Nothing felt safe, nowhere felt like home and there wasn't a lot of positive news to find hope in. 'Sanctuary' is a reminder that hope is always there in the people you keep close. Even as the world seems to be breaking down around us, my family, friends and the people I love are where I always find my security and my home."

    The six-piece is gearing up to release their debut album No Place Is Home and will be taking their stadium-ready rock on tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars in addition to several festivals this summer. We also had a chance to chat with them about it all, which you can read below.

    So you guys are gearing up to release your debut album, No Place Is Home, this summer. How does it differ from last year's Legendary EP?

    We've done a lot of touring and playing together since we released our self-titled record, so we have grown and evolved a lot as a band since then. We've also evolved as songwriters and producers, and I think that the growth is noticeable on this album. We challenged ourselves a lot to find new ways of getting sounds and creating feels without just instantly turning to our guitars and drums. There's still plenty of both of those, but a lot of new tricks too.

    What was it like performing on Jimmy Kimmel? Was that scary or exciting?

    Luckily we had gotten a couple live TV experiences under our belt in Germany before we made our US debut on Kimmel. The thing that made the German shows a little easier to start with was that we had no idea how big the shows were or how big of a celebrity the host or other guests were (until after), so there was a lot less pressure. Even though we were a little intimidated by Jimmy Kimmel and Ryan Gosling, who was a guest that day, we felt as comfortable as a band playing on national TV for the first time could feel. They do an amazing job on that set making it feel like you're playing a concert. Kimmel even releases tickets to actual fans, so we were playing to people who knew the songs which felt a lot better than blank stares and polite applause. So... Yes, a little scary, very exciting, and overall a killer experience!

    Who were some of your influences for "Sanctuary"?

    We wanted to write a song that had the spirit and message of the progressive anthems of the 1960's that we love so much, but done in our own way. We tried to make the song embody the emotion of the desire to feel safe and secure in these turbulent times. So, I guess I'd say that say that the song is mostly influenced by the people and events around us right now.

    And you're going on tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars this summer. What can the audience expect?

    You can expect to hear a lot of these new songs that we can't wait to play live! We have so much fun together on stage and it usually seems to rub off on the audience, so I guess you should probably expect to have a good time. We never hold anything back. No matter if it's a big amphitheater like the ones on this 30STM tour or a sweaty little dive club. We leave everything out there every night. That's the only way in our minds.

    "Sanctuary" out March 23rd along with No Place Is Home iTunes pre-order.

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