Record Store Day's South Park Special
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Earlier today Record Store Day unveiled a complete list of special edition releases that will be available on April 20th, and unsurprisingly, there are quite a few awesome titles that will surely fly off the shelves from artists like Phosphorescent, Mumford and Sons, and Daniel Johnston. Even Elliott Smith and Notorious B.I.G. are getting in on the fun (with re-releases and outtakes of course).

    But scrolling through the alphabetized list, one title grabbed my full attention like an exposed nipple at the beach - South Park is releasing two of their classic cartoon tunes on 7" picture disc. The two songs are the classic Kanye shred "Gay Fish", and "Jacking-it in San Diego" which rips on the naked crazy of Jason Russell (the Kony guy).

    "Gay Fish"

    "Jacking-it in San Diego"

    Even though the show's been pretty lackluster for the past few years, the confusingly awkward songs have remained as every season's highlights. Seeing this got us a bit nostalgic and we decided to try and find our favorite South Park tunes, and the collection is daunting. I'm sure during our selection process we missed what you'd call a "total classic", but you can shove it, because this is our list and it doesn't include any songs from the movie. So here are a few of our favorites provided without any context or story line for those who may have foolishly missed an episode.

    Pictures of Courage (Conjoined Twin Song)"

    "Timmy and The Lords of The Underworld"



    "Bleeding Heart Rock Protest Song vs. Pro War Country Song"

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